The Ghost Herd

Life-size fabric panels printed with archival inks on cotton and silk
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Unquestionably, the highlight of our wild horse art exhibition were the fabric panels by Elissa Kline. The size, movement, and ethereal nature of the fabric created an unforgettable moment for our visitors in the show.

Stacey Otte-Demangate

Curator, Wildling Museum

During our exhibition with Elissa Kline it was nothing short of breathtaking each time I walked into the gallery and saw her wild horses looking at me. The life size images of these amazing creatures truly capture the essence of their powerful and yet gentle nature.

L’anne Gillman

Owner, Gilman Contemporary

The Ghost Herd

These panels are what I call my “Ghost Herd”, life-size formal portraits of the wild horses of Idaho, printed on translucent fabric.

I chose to print on sheer fabric in part because it symbolizes the gradual disappearance of these stunning animals from the range. I also love the way light from behind illuminates the images and brings them to life.

I have one hanging in my living room. Every day when I open the door, that gray stallion moves with the breeze, and reminds me of the importance of wildness.


I’ve been photographing these horses for over a decade and helping to raise awareness of their plight any way I can, including always donating a portion of sales to advocates and sanctuaries.

With this store we’ve tried to make it easier for you to find “your” horse and bring some of the majestic wildness into your home or business.

We’ve designed an elegant handmade wooden frame (magnetic!) and offer high quality Arakawa hanging systems. Or you can simply slide a rod into the sleeves that are sewn in to the top and bottom of the panels.

We can print on organic cotton or silk chiffon (silk is a bit more expensive, but really nice).

Please contact me if you have any questions about the panels, purchasing, or to discuss custom hanging and mounting needs.